Q: Isn't line dancing only done to country music?

A: NO! Twenty five years ago, yes, but nowadays, we dance to nearly all genres of music.  As a matter of fact, most line dances are choreographed to non-country music.


Q: What should I wear?/Do I have to wear boots, jeans, and a cowboy/cowgirl hat?

A: Only wear western gear if you want to.  The vast majority of line dancers will wear jeans or slacks and a tshirt/blouse. Wear something that is comfortable and allows you to move.


Q: Aren't all line dances pretty much the same?

A: Not at all.  The styles and difficulties of line dances vary widely.  For  example, there are bachatas, cha chas, nightclub two steps, hip hop routines, waltzes, two steps, Bollywood routines, and more.  Dances can range from less than 16 steps to over 128 steps!


Q: Who can do this?

A: Anyone who wants to learn.


Q: What if I "don't have rhythm?"

A: Don't let that stop you.  This is about having fun!  You might have more rhythm than you think.  Besides, no one is watching you because they are too worried about their own feet.


Q: Do I need to wear dance shoes?

A: No.  Generally, we prefer to dance in ballroom or jazz shoes with a low heel.  If you don't have dance shoes, any pair of flat, close toed shoes will do.  Old tennis shoes are good, but if you have shoes that are not rubber soled, that would be best.  Remember, you want to be able to turn without twisting your ankle, falling down, injuring yourself, or spontaneously combusting from friction.